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Now serving Porterdale, Georgia!
Porterdale Tile Cleaning Atlanta Tile Cleaning has now expanded it's coverage area to include Porterdale. With this announcement, we are pleased to be in your community and able to serve you with our quality tile cleaning and grout cleaning services.

Atlanta Tile Cleaning specialize in tile and grout restoration, sealing, stripping, high speed buffing, scrubbing, and waxing.

Our Porterdale cleaning teams can now easily clean, sanitize and protect your flooring which includes:

  Porterdale - Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning
Periodically, cleaning your ceramic tile and grout is needed for them to continue looking their best. We currently provide a powerful truck mounted cleaning system to completely cleanse and fully restore your floors to their original glory upon arrival.
  VCT (Tile) Flooring for Porterdale clients!
In an office, your flooring must be maintained to reflect a great image to your clients. It just makes good business sense all around! With vinyl composition tile, we can easily restore your high glossy floors as they once were. In doing so, you will enjoy results that both you and your clients will appreciate our Porterdale teams!
  Got Linoleum Tile Flooring? Our Porterdale teams can help!
Porterdale cleaners sent on Atlanta Tile Cleaning's behalf are extensively trained to properly assist and advise you with the best techniques to extend the life of your linoluem tile flooring. We can amazingly restore your flooring to the brilliant shine it once had when purchased new. Save yourself some time and money today!
  Porterdale teams can clean your Terrazzo Tile Flooring
Atlanta Tile Cleaning's professionally trained Porterdale teams are equipped to adequately clean, polish and buff terrazzo tile flooring to yield a high gloss finish you deserve. You will soon enjoy the  pleasant, colorful and decorative beauty of your terrazzo flooring once again!
  Raised Tile Floor Cleaning for Porterdale business owners!
With the constant rise in the computer industry, raised tile flooring components are a must with datacenters. With our service, we will vow a clean and safe environment (free from hazards such as zinc whiskers, asbestos, & dust mites) to you. This will also ensure that your investment is protected & ensuring proper air flow.
  Porterdale Grout Cleaning services at it's best!
Over time, dirt, grease and other contaminants become trapped below the surface into the pores of the grout. When this happens, your grout will appear dark, dirty, and may even be discolored. When it gets this bad, a mop with a heavy scrubbing or harsh cleaners just isn't going to help!
Contact Information
Clean Carpets and Floors
C/O Atlanta Tile Cleaning
P.O. Box 543
Lithonia, Georgia 30058
Phone: (678) 289-0342
Fax: (678) 289-5091
Support: support@atlantatilecleaning.com
Billing: payments@atlantatilecleaning.com
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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We look forward to serving you and the entire Porterdale community this year!
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